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Home made Wills - are they worth the risk?

Some of you may have seen the article in the papers yesterday about how a group of animal charities are taking grieving man to court over the validity of his late partner's home made Will, and how so far this legal action has cost him over £10,000.

The homemade Will in question was signed by the Testator and witnessed but yet the validity is still being contested due to it not being stapled or bound together.

It is very clear to you and me that his late partner simply wanted to leave her Estate to her Partner but charities rely very heavily on donations and Will bequests and are therefore always looking to maximise any possible inheritance.

Don't take the risk, for a small amount now you can make a Will and ensure that your hard earned assets pass on your death to who you intend and save your grieving family and friends any additional stress.

We are currently running an offer discounting our fixed fees for a standard Will to just £100.

Contact us now to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements further.

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